The surrounding hinterland of Caorle

Check out our village in Caorle and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto and its surroundings!

During your holiday at San Francesco Village, you can visit the surrounding hinterland of Caorle and discover the true history of Caorle and its surroundings.

Caorle, past present and future

Caorle was once an island, surrounded by a large lagoon of canals, marshes and land, most of which was submerged by the rising tides. This territory, which was practically uninhabited and difficult to travel through, extended over 20 kilometres from the coast, arriving more or less at the height of where the motorway between Venice and Trieste runs today.

After 1600, the Serenissima Republic began major hydraulic works to move the rivers out of the Venetian lagoon. The reason was that the rivers, with their sedimentation, would have quickly buried the entire lagoon system.

The rivers were moved and, to give a clarifying example, it is sufficient to know that today the mouth of the Livenza, which we can admire from the top of the bridge entering Caorle, was once exactly in the place where the San Francesco Village exists today.

After the rivers were moved, the countryside began to be reclaimed, creating new canals and building water pumps to drain the land that is still in use today. The lands emerged and families of farmers settled on them and cultivation began.

With this itinerary we will travel through these places full of history.

Leaving the village by car or even better by bicycle, you turn right and after about 4 kilometres you reach a large roundabout where you turn left towards the Brian village. Here we can witness one of the most ingenious systems for controlling water flows: the Vinciane gates (“porte vinciane”), named after their designer, Leonardo da Vinci, used to separate the salty sea water from the fresh water in the canals, required for irrigation.

It is a system as simple as it is ingenious and effective. When the tide rises and the sea water pushes inwards, the gates close with the force of the water itself, while when the canal rises in level, for example due to rain, the same force pushes in the opposite direction, opening the gates and allowing the water to drain away.

Ca’ Corniani

From Brian village you can go on, following country roads that are often almost deserted, and in a few kilometres you will reach Ca’ Corniani. The ancient village takes its name from the noble Venetian family that bought the surrounding land and built the village that can still be admired today. The houses and public space represent typical agricultural architecture from Veneto, including an old wine cellar that is now open to the public.

Ca’ Cottoni

After 5 more kilometres, on a brand new cycle path that runs alongside the local road, we arrive at Ca’ Cottoni, which has a history very similar to Ca’ Corniani, except that in this case the Venetian nobles who bought the land from the Serenissima Republic were called Cottoni.

Before arriving in this small village, on the right and in front of the road that climbs up the Livenza embankment, there is a small church dating back to 1700. Unfortunately it is often closed.

From here you can continue towards the nearby hamlet of La Salute di Livenza and then turn right or left to return to where you started. In this case, it does not matter which road you choose: on all these routes towards Caorle, you are surrounded by agricultural areas that have provided work and food for thousands of people for centuries.

And this is why you will always find well-kept and well-tended fields, almost as if they had the value of a garden, occasionally interrupted by a few country cottages, which are often now uninhabited and, more rarely, by mansions.

Author: Gianni Prevarin

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