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What to do in Caorle if it rains

Find out what to do in Caorle when it rains

Let us start with a very real concept: in Caorle it rains very rarely; especially in the summer period, rainy days can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and it is even rarer for it to rain all day.

Which is why, if you wake up in the morning with a leaden sky and rain beating down on the windows of your room, there is a very good chance that you will still be able to get down to the beach before noon, and lie in the usual scorching sun.

When the weather is bad, you have to find ways to keep yourself busy.

Here are some activities you can do in Caorle if it rains:

  • Visit the National Museum of Maritime Archaeology;
  • Discovering the Museum of the Cathedral Treasury;
  • Spend a day discovering the surroundings of Caorle.


Visit the National Museum of Maritime Archaeology

The National Museum of Maritime Archaeology has been open in Caorle for a few years now. It is located at the entrance to the town, in one of the old mansions inhabited by the Chiggiato family engaged in agriculture in past centuries, and whose work began just outside the town’s seafaring settlement. The building was purchased by the municipality of Caorle and the museum is managed by the Veneto Region’s Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage.

In the exhibition halls, the most significant finds discovered in Caorle and its immediate hinterland can be admired, dating from the Recent Bronze Age (13th to the first half of the 12th century B.C.) through the Roman period to modern times.

museo nazionale di archeologia del mare di caorle
National Museum of Maritime Archaeology

The exhibition project, elaborated by the Superintendency, aims to acquaint visitors with the historical-archaeological evolution of the area: from the protohistoric village of San Gaetano to Pliny’s Portus Reatinum, which is thought to have been located, probably, at the mouth of the “Nicesolo” canal separating the eastern beach of Caorle from the Brussa beach.

The museum is very interesting, although still considered to be expanding, but the days and opening hours are rather limited: on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00. With a special extended opening until 21:00 on Saturday 24 September on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.
Further information on the Maritime Museum in Caorle can be found on the website:


The Museum of the Cathedral Treasury

Another exhibition of interesting historical artefacts in Caorle is the Museum of the Cathedral Treasury, or also the Liturgical Museum of the Cathedral of Caorle, which exhibits a collection of paintings, reliquaries and other sacred ornaments belonging to the local parish community and handed down by the bishops during the thousand years that the city was an Episcopal seat.

Closely associated with Pope St. John XXIII, who was Patriarch of Venice and often a guest of the city, the Liturgical Museum exhibits objects and vestments that belonged to him and were donated to the museum by Guido and Giampaolo Gusso, natives of Caorle, who were his assistants in the Vatican for years.

Normally the museum opens every evening during the summer season; during other times of the year, reservations are advisable at: +39 3281316714.

The same goes for the climb to the top of the steeple, a true architectural jewel, and from whose spire one can enjoy a wonderful view of the Adriatic sea and the entire old town.
During the summer period, the climb to the steeple is organised with guides who alternate in explanations in Italian and German.

Museo del tesoro del duomo
Museum of the Cathedral Treasury

Museums and archaeological sites around Caorle

For enthusiasts of Roman history or the early Middle Ages, we recommend spending a day in one of the localities we mention, which are only a few minutes’ drive or bus ride away from Caorle. We just mention them here because those interested can easily find all the information, in the various languages, on the dedicated sites.


City in front of Venice and from where there is a splendid view of the Torcello steeple from afar.


With its Roman treasures; the nearby Concordia Sagittaria – the factory of Roman arrows (sagitte).

Portogruaro Museum

Which also preserves findings from the Caorle area.


A town of paleo-Venetian origin, which preserves traces of the Roman Forum area, the forensic complex from the Augustan period and a large domus, as well as other sites of great interest.

"Museo della bonifica" museum

A much more recent but very interesting museum is the Museo della Bonifica in San Donà di Piave.

This place brings together the history of these areas, which were once marshy and then subjected, over the centuries, to important land reclamation works that transformed large areas of land once submerged by water into habitable and productive areas.

One room is also dedicated to the Great War, which in these places witnessed tragic episodes and moments of patriotic heroism.

Art exhibitions in Caorle

Returning to Caorle, we can still point out the various art or painting exhibitions that are continuously held in the two main premises dedicated to these themes, which are: the ground-floor hall of the Civic Centre, in piazza Vescovado and in front of the cathedral, and the rooms of the “Bafile” complex, which today also houses the city’s Tourist Information Centre.


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