Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to one day before arrival

In case of cancellation due to grave causes or healthcare status, the cancellation is free up to a day before your arrival.

Cancellation for reasons other than the healthcare status

The cancellation of the booked period notified through certified mail, e-mail or fax 15 days before the arrival day will result in the refund of the whole advance payment, but not of the booking expenses.
Booking expenses that are not explicitly indicated in the summary of stay are free of charge.

If the cancellation occurs 14 or fewer days before the arrival day the advanced payment will be considered as a penalty for disrespecting the contract and therefore no refund can be claimed.

The date of receipt of certified mail, e-mail or fax is considered the effective one.

Online bookings

Bookings made directly on our web site can be cancelled up to 14 days before your arrival for free.
Clients who made a down payment with PayPal will receive a refund, excluding the commission.