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Holidays with children in Caorle

Mini-guide on what to do in Caorle

Caorle is a place of great natural beauty, where you can spend a wonderful holiday with your family. 

We have prepared a mini-guide on what to do in Caorle with children! Here are some ideas for activities to do during your stay in Caorle.

Visiting the beach in Caorle

There is no better way to enjoy your time in Caorle than to visit one of its beautiful beaches!

Your children will love splashing in the water, building sandcastles, hunting for shells and other treasures or simply relaxing under a tree in the shade.
Caorle is unanimously recognised as the ideal beach for children. This is because, especially on the eastern coast, the sandy shore is very wide and provides the youngest guests with all the necessary space for all kinds of games.

Spacious and welcoming beach
bambino che gioca
The sandy seabed descends very gradually and gently
bambini che giocano sulla spiaggia di caorle
Fine, golden sand

Green oases consisting of shrubs and saplings

All along the sandy shoreline, there are many facilities for a variety of games, interspersed with green oases consisting of shrubs and small trees, small dune reliefs, useful for strolling around as well as for the lively running of children.
The sea in front of Caorle is a paradise for children who, during the winter, will remember with a certain nostalgia the days spent under the summer holiday sun.

“La Luna nel Pozzo” show, the Pirate sailboat and the Amusement Park

"La Luna nel Pozzo" show

During the first week of September, Caorle’s historic centre hosts “La Luna nel Pozzo” show, the international street theatre festival. Dozens and dozens of acrobats, jugglers and various comedians perform their various art shows in direct contact with the public in the city’s narrow streets (calli) and small squares (campielli). One of the most important events at international level.

"La Perla Nera" pirate sailboat

The amazing pirate sailboat “La Perla Nera”, together with its captain Andrea and the crew, offers an unforgettable adventure by sailing for an hour and a half off the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the name of fun and games. The sailboat drops its anchor about a hundred metres from the shore and its passengers are taken on board in an inflatable boat that shuttles between the ship and the mainland.

Amusement Park

A visit to the Amusement Park is a must. It is located in Caorle, in the area of the sports facilities and the square where the weekly market is held every Saturday. It opens at 20:00 and is a real place of fun for children.


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