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Discovering Palmanova and Udine

Visit the most beautiful and interesting places in and around Veneto!

Feel like discovering new destinations? A visit to the cities of Palmanova and Udine is practically a must! Between shops, food and traditions, rediscover these wonderful cities.


Palmanova, fortress-city

You will be astonished by the architectural structure of this Fortress-City commissioned by the Venetians and built in 1593 to counter the advance of the Ottoman army. The settlement lies within a mighty walled structure that has a polygonal plan in the shape of a nine-pointed star.

The point of arrival in the town is located in the main square (Piazza Grande), a large space in a perfect hexagonal shape with a Istrian stone base in the centre on which stands the tall flagpole. The same square is overlooked by the Palmanova cathedral, built between 1615 and 1636, a structure that represents the best example of Venetian architecture in Friuli and interesting to visit inside.

mappa di palmanova del 1593
Karte von Palmanova aus dem Jahr 1593


In the heart of the city

We also recommend the Historical Museum, located in the Palazzo Trevisan, which houses an important collection of weapons from the Middle Ages, as well as drawings and plans that will help you understand the philosophy behind the construction of the fortress-city. But a healthy stroll through the inner streets or along the perimeter walls will certainly be enjoyable.

The city was declared a National Monument by the Italian Government in 1960 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017. A guided tour can be organised by calling the Palmanova Tourist Office +39 0432-924815.

porta udine di palmanova
Udine Gate of Palmanova



Once you have finished visiting the city, you can leave Palmanova by Porta Udine, taking the road that leads to the homonymous city of Friuli. Take Strada Regionale n. 56 and in 20 kilometres you will reach Udine.

The shortest and quickest way would be to use the parallel motorway, but admiring the beauty of the Friulian countryside, referred to by its inhabitants as “la bassa“, is much more significant for getting to know this region.

We pass through small hamlets that seem to have remained as they were in the past and enter the city by passing a wide overpass above the railway and then continue along Viale Ungheria to find parking in Piazza 1° Maggio, the point, in our opinion, that is most convenient and closest to the centre.
If you park on this square, you will notice the massive city castle above you.

Statua di Hercules ad udine
Hercules statue, Udine


through the streets of the city centre

The main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, begins with the ancient Palazzo del Comune, an original Gothic building, and continues with a succession of palaces and arcades; strolling along or sitting outside in some bar is a unique pleasure.

Pordenone lies on the Friulian plain, but if you lift your eyes just a little to the north, you will be fascinated by the impressive profile of Mount Cavallo, the first bastion of the Carnic Pre-Alps and an important skiing destination.

Remember that in the places we have visited with this itinerary, we have left the Veneto Region and entered Friuli. And not only to food lovers, but to every tourist, we recommend tasting a few dishes, for lunch or dinner, of one of the most characteristic and tasty Italian cuisines.

ragazza cammina per il centro della città
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

How to get to Palmanova from Caorle

To get to Palmanova, we recommend you use your car by taking the motorway towards Trieste and entering at the Portogruaro (47 km from Palmanova) or Latisana (33 km) tollbooths.

The Palmanova exit is located a few hundred metres from the first gate into the city (Porta Aquileia).


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