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Jesolo and the Venetian coastline by bike

Bike route starting from Caorle

Just a few kilometres from San Francesco Village in Caorle lies Jesolo with its coastline: a town full of life, places to visit and curiosities to discover!

An itinerary that can be done both by bike and by car.

Starting from Caorle, we take you to Punta Sabbioni, just a little over 40 kilometres away, where the mainland ends and the Lagoon of Venice begins, with the silhouette of the city visible off in the distance and its bell towers silhouetted on the horizon.


Towards Eraclea Mare

The direction to take is towards Eraclea Mare. Leaving this locality on the left, climb over the bridge that crosses the canal of the Litoranea Veneta, the waterway that once connected Venice to Friuli, allowing boats not to go out to sea.

Immediately after the bridge, turn right towards Revedoli, a tiny village a couple of kilometres from the Piave River. Here we step into the remembrances of the First World War. Piave River is referred to as the “sacred river of the Fatherland” because on its left bank the Austro-Hungarian army that intended to invade Italy in 1917 was stopped.

Revedoli, together with Caorle and other nearby localities, are mentioned and described in the beautiful book ‘Das Ende der alten Armee’ (translated into Italian as “Stages of the Defeat”) written by Fritz Weber, an officer of the invading army. Today you can cross the Piave River on a characteristic pontoon bridge, one of the few still active, paying a minimal toll, either by car or by bike.

In bicicletta da caorle a punta sabbioni
Venetian coastline


Jesolo, the most famous seaside town on the upper Adriatic

Beyond the bridge, we find the town of Cortellazzo, with its small but characteristic port that still houses some fishing boats; then we cross another bridge and find ourselves in the municipality of Jesolo.

You can begin your visit to the most famous seaside town on the Upper Adriatic by crossing Jesolo Pineta, surrounded by greenery, until you reach Via Bafile, the city’s most famous street. Continuing westwards, you will cross the mouth of another river, the Sile, and enter the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti.

ragazza in bicicletta vicino al mare
Route between seaside towns


The Venice Lagoon

From here, the road continues to its end in front of the Venice Lagoon. On the left side, towards the sea, the area is home to a series of campsites, among the largest in Europe, a summer destination for numerous tourists.

On the right side of the road, however, one can see numerous vegetable gardens; this area has been renowned, since the time of the Serenissima Republic, for the large cultivation of vegetables. And the asparagus that grows on these sandy soils is a delicacy worth tasting.

As an alternative to the long straight road from Cavallino, you can take a parallel road, which runs further north and runs along most of the lagoon. You pass through numerous small villages, rich in history still associated with the Serenissima, but all very characteristic and worth seeing: Ca’ Ballarin, Ca’ Pasquali, Ca’ Savio.

Wandering around the internal streets of this area, you can see the remains of numerous “watch towers“, tall buildings from which soldiers watched the sea, ready to raise the alarm in case of danger.

bicicletta sulla spiaggia
Lagoon cycle routes


Punta Sabbioni

At Punta Sabbioni one has to stop.

This area has now become one large car park where cars and buses stop and leave their passengers for the boats that sail daily to Venice and the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Punta Sabbioni
Punta Sabbioni


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