Caorle and its lagoon

Check out our village in Caorle and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto and its surroundings!

The San Francesco Village Holiday Centre is located right in the heart of Caorle, in Veneto. During your holiday in Caorle, therefore, remember to set aside half a day to visit this splendid town: Caorle is without doubt one of the most beautiful and characteristic towns on the Venetian coast, often compared to Venice for its geographical and architectural features.

Reaching Caorle from the San Francesco Village is very easy.

You can do this by bicycle, using a cycle path of less than ten kilometres, which runs uninterrupted from the exit of the Village to the historic centre of Caorle. Alternatively, you can reach the town by car, but make sure you park your car in one of the large car parks at the entrance to the town, especially during the summer. However, the road network is connected by frequent bus services.

In order to visit Caorle from the San Francesco Village it is best to use one of the many paper guides available, which can also be found at the information point within the Village. In case the office doesn’t have one at the moment, there is an IAT (tourist information office) in the city centre, well equipped with multilingual guides.

Caorle is a very ancient town.

It consisted of four main islands, and the pedestrian areas where tourists can safely stroll today were once canals that divided them, and which since the 17th century have been silted up because of the serious health problems they caused.

The historic centre

Known as the city’s ‘good living room’, it is an exciting stroll through centuries-old houses painted in bright colours. The Cathedral, built in the year 1000 and until a couple of centuries ago home to the bishop, houses one of the greatest jewels of Byzantine art: a ”Pala d’Oro” (golden altarpiece), actually made of embossed silver, consisting of 6 panels and dating back to a few years before the end of the 1500s. According to the legend, the Pala was donated to Caorle by the Queen Cornaro because she was saved from a shipwreck right in front of the city’s shores.

On the outside, the majestic cylindrical bell tower represents one of the architectural curiosities of all time. It was built a few decades after the cathedral. It is possible to enter – with guided tours – during the evening hours and admire the city from above.

Another walk you should take during your holiday in our Village in Caorle is along the breakwater that for many centuries separated the town from the sea: residents call it “the most beautiful walk on the Upper Adriatic“. It is also an ‘open-air museum‘, as its boulders are regularly sculpted by world-famous artists.

The “casoni”

Don’t miss to go to the Caorle lagoon. You can do this by bicycle, cycling as far as the Falconera district, where there are the famous “casoni“, wooden and reed houses where Caorle’s fishermen have lived for millennia.

An alternative way to visit the lagoon is by a motorboat which, twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, departs from the dock at the city port and takes you on a lovely tour of canals, salt marshes and reed beds through areas that until a century ago were the unspoilt territory of the Caorle Lagoon, and even today are rich in many bird species.

One last note. Caorle is a town of fishermen and the fish prepared in the town’s restaurants is the best you can eat along the Adriatic: don’t miss the opportunity to taste unique dishes, the fruit of generations of cooks who in past centuries cooked on board their fishing boats and today have moved to the mainland. An experience that will make your holiday in Caorle unique!

Author: Gianni Prevarin

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