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What to eat in Caorle?

Typical dishes of Caorle cuisine

If you are looking for a truly unique culinary experience, you must try the typical dishes of Caorle.

A bit of history

Today, the word Caorle has become synonymous with good food. And this can be seen above all in the number of restaurants open in the town centre, but also in the nearby hamlets; restaurants that are packed during the bathing season, but are also packed on winter weekends, when the cold wind does not tempt inland residents to go as far as the sea; yet they do come.

The culinary tradition of the people of Caorle goes back a long way, to when fishermen used to go to the lagoon or the sea and, considering the many hours they spent away from home, the boats were equipped with a small fire to warm up their lunch. Which of course consisted only and exclusively of fish, with a noticeable added value: it was freshly caught. With the advent of tourism, these fishermen-cooks decided to bring their expertise to more organised kitchens and the first restaurants opened.

Typical dishes of Caorle

The typical dishes found in Caorle are those of the traditional Venetian cuisine and therefore based on fish. We mention only a few of the most delicious and popular dishes in our restaurants.

"Bigoi" with sauce

The best known dish is definitely “Bigoi with sauce”, a special pasta seasoned with sardines and onion: a traditional Veneto dish that is prepared mainly at Christmas or on Good Friday at Easter, but many restaurants offer it during all the year.

Sarde in saor

We also recommend the “Sarde in saòr”, sardines ‘drowned’ in onion: a delicacy; it considered to be the food of the poor in the past, who used to add some rasins and pine nuts to it to increase its calories; today we no longer feel the need for more calories.

Fritto misto

Another popular dish is the fritto misto, which restaurants serve in massive quantities. It consists of various types of fish (dairy fish, squid, shrimps, etc.) that are fried in oil, with the well-known “smoke point” being of paramount importance.

Caorle octopus

The Caorle octopus fished in the waters off Caorle is considered a true delicacy by its enthusiastic consumers; its popularity is such that many inland restaurants have signs displaying “Here Caorle Octopus”.

Other traditional dishes

There are many typical Caorle dishes such as anchovies marinated or plain, Caorle fish soup, “spaghetti alla busera” or with cuttlefish ink, breaded sardines, fish or cuttlefish stew, and finally grilled fish from the Upper Adriatic Sea and salt cod (“stoccafisso”) in its three best-known versions: creamed, stewed or “alla vicentina”.

We recommend tasting all these dishes with excellent wines from the Veneto hinterland or the nearby Friulian hills; for teetotallers, we recommend water only, leaving out fizzy or sugary drinks that distort the taste of the dish.

Spaghetti al nero di seppia, piatto tipico di caorle
Spaghetti al nero di seppia
Broetto di
Broetto di pesce
Maccalà mantecato
Baccalà Mantecato
Sarde impanate
Sarde impanate

Caorle Fish Festival

 The Fish Festival is organised every year.

The Fish Festival, initiated by the municipality of Caorle in collaboration with the local Pro Loco organisation, is held on the “sacheta” beach during the last two weekends in September. For more information or updates visit the website of the municipality.

One last note. Gastronomy enthusiasts can find in Caorle, in the bookshop in Via Dal Moro, a book on “Le ricette della cucina caorlotta” (Caorle cuisine recipes), which lists all the local dishes with the recipes and their preparation.


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