The abbey of Sesto al Reghena and Pordenone

Check out our village in Caorle and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto and its surroundings!

If during your holiday at our village in Caorle, in addition to staying at the Village, you feel like discovering new destinations and magical places, then we also recommend the Abbey of Sesto al Reghena and Pordenone.

Check out new destinations and magical places

If you wish to visit the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis at Sesto al Reghena and then travel on to Pordenone, we recommend that you use a car.

Exit Caorle in the direction of the motorway, or rather Portogruaro, and here enter the motorway in the direction of Pordenone: transit on this stretch is free of charge. After only 4 kilometers, exit towards Sesto al Reghena which is nearby.

The town welcomes you with its mighty keep, the only one of the seven remaining on the fortification walls, and before going to the abbey, a walk through the centre is quite pleasant.

Sesto al Reghena Abbey

For an in-depth visit to the Abbey, you can contact the information office (Tel.: +39 0434 699014); but the place is usually open to visitors.

However, it would be preferable to have a description of the site – often available locally and in various languages – explaining the historical importance of this building whose foundation dates back to the first half of the 8th century, only to be devastated by the Hungarians in 889.

The abbey was then rebuilt and fortified assuming the appearance of a medieval castle. Today its rooms also house an extensive exhibition of tombstones and sculptures from Roman times to the Middle Ages, but a visit inside is highly recommended.

Once out, and before leaving Sesto al Reghena, it is interesting to know that about 6 kilometres away stands the town of Cordovado.

For lovers of the Italian writer Ippolito Nievo, the name of this place should be familiar. It was here that the events narrated by the writer in his book ‘Le confessioni d’un Italiano‘ took place. Cordovado is a beautiful and characteristic village with a medieval atmosphere; here you can visit the famous Venchieredo Fountain or, a little further away, the perimeter of the Fratta Castle: the places of Nievo.

Pordenone, a modern city

To reach Pordenone, drive back to Sesto al Reghena and take the same motorway, which in 15 kilometres, heading north, will take you to your new destination.

Pordenone is a modern city, which in the post-war years underwent a huge urban expansion for the establishment of important international companies focused on mechanics and robotics. For this reason, in addition to the outer zone, made up of industry and new housing, there is a historical centre, which is very small but absolutely worth visiting.

The main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, begins with the ancient Palazzo del Comune, an original Gothic building, and continues with a succession of palaces and arcades; walking around or sitting outside in some of the cafés is a unique pleasure.

Pordenone lies on the Friulian plain, but if you raise your eyes just a little to the north you will be fascinated by the impressive profile of Mount Cavallo, the first bastion of the Carnic Prealps and an important skiing destination.

Remember that in the places visited with this itinerary, we left the Veneto Region and entered Friuli. Not only food lovers, but every tourist is advised to try a few dishes, for lunch or dinner, from one of the most characteristic and tasty Italian cuisines.

Author: Gianni Prevarin

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