Welcome to our Club

Dear Guest,
Welcome to our Bi Holiday community!

Hospitality is our work, our passion, our way of being.

My family’s priority for more than 40 years has been to provide you with an unforgettable holiday, with the comforts of your own home but in a different, pleasant environment and, above all, designed to meet your needs.

We wish you that the days you will spend in our company can be a feeling and an experience to be shared because it was something real!

This would be our welcome to our Holiday Centre San Francesco Village, in Caorle, Venice.

Your opinion matters to us! I would be happy to listen to your suggestions, to make your next visit even more yours!
Happy holidays.

#youropinionmatters #wecareaboutyou

Introducing the Bi Card, the exclusive Bi Holiday loyalty card

Collect Bi Coins thanks to your reservation and purchases at the Village!

  • The card is valid for 2 years;
  • for each € 100 spent, 10 Bi Coin will be added to your Bi Card;
  • Extra Bi Coins: if you spend over € 1000, you will receive a bonus! For each € 500 spent, you will receive additional 50 Bi Coins as a bonus; if you spend over € 3000, you will receive an additional benefit: additional 100 Bi Coins will be added to your Bi Card (as a one-off bonus)!
  • For reservations in another Village of the Group, you will receive an extra bonus of 50 Bi Coins.

Useful information

Payment methods

The final balance for your stay must be paid within 3 days of your arrival date. According to the Fiscal Decree 2019: the limit for cash payment is €1,999.99 until 31 December 2021.

Check out

The checkout time for the pitches is from 7 AM to 12 PM and for the accommodation units is from 7 AM to 10 AM. Keys must be handed back to the Information Office.

Hours of quiet

13:00 (01PM) – 15:00 (3PM) Except Saturday
24:00 (12AM) – 07:00 (7AM) Everyday
Please, note that cars and motorbikes are not allowed to enter/exit or circulate inside the Village during these hours. All activities that may disturb other guests in the village should be avoided.

Cleaning service

Bed linen and towels will be changed every friday morning from 08:30 to 11:00 for those guests staying for a minimum of 2 weeks. Please leave the used bed linen on the table on the outside terrace.


Offices and common areas are equipped with anti-droplet screens and have alcohol- based disinfectant gel refills. All contact surfaces and floors are sanitised with sanitising detergents. Bed linen and bathroom sponges are sanitised in accordance with the current prevention regulations.


A chargeable medical service is available on a daily basis; equipped to treat wounds and burns, measure blood pressure and provide initial help with the most common travel illnesses. The medical clinic is located near the supermarket. To ensure that first aid is provided on time and without delay, a defibrillator is available.

Hospital, veterinariarian and paediatrician

To contact a veterinarian or a paediatrician, or for information on the nearest hospital, please contact the Information Office or the Reception Desk.


Lifeguards are stationed at the towers on the beach in concession to the Village. In the central tower of the beach there is a defibrillator to guarantee a timely and without delays first aid.
The red flag indicates dangerous bathing due to bad weather or the absence of a lifeguard service.
The yellow flag indicates that the beach umbrellas must be closed and invites bathers to be careful.
The white flag indicates the presence of the rescue service and therefore the possibility of safe bathing.


You can use the grill as long as it is an electric grill or a gas grill with a maximum gas cylinder of 5 kg. It is not possible to use wood or charcoal grills.


Each person has 4 hours of free Wi-Fi per day per device. You can access our “BI WI – FI” network via social networks or by registering a new account with a valid email on the login page.

Electric cars and bikes charging station

Upon your arrival, you will find the brand new PALINA charging stations with sockets-outlets of TYPE 2 for charging cars and three more charging points for electric bikes.

Reception desk

If you need anything, please contact the Reception Desk, available 24 hours a day, or call the following number: +39 0421 298310.

Helpful numbers

SOS telephones are available to guests for internal emergencies and are indicated on the emergency map.

Single emergency number