International Dog Day 2022

“Good morning Lilibeth, good morning Kira, how are you today?

Why are you wagging your tails?”


“Good morning Mario! We are good, in fact, very good, today. This morning Lilibeth received a very large bone as a gift and shared it with me, did you know that? Do you want to see it?”- says Kira

“Lucky you, Lilibeth! I tried to get those we still call “owners” to understand that today they should have spent a little more time with me, taken me to the sea, cuddled me, I mean: all the things we dogs were born to do, right?

Instead, nothing: they left, telling me with a gentle voice that they would be back soon. Now, it is true that we have a different sense of time extension from humans, but I totally see it: they will come back when it is already dark and I don’t know who to play with“.

“Don’t worry, Mario!”, says Lilibeth. “We will ask my “family” – I have never called them “owners”, I don’t really like that term! – if you can come with us to the sea.


Actually, it wasn’t us who decided this, but a certain American lady, Collene Page, back in 2004, on the day her family gave her their first puppy. From that day on, we became even more important. Unbelievable, isn’t it? How would you like to write this lady Page a thank-you card?”

“That would be great, girls, especially because we do a lot of things for our families: first of all, we bring joy, balance, love, perseverance, companionship, and we ask nothing in return. Never ever. Only one thing: to be RESPECTED exactly as one should be respected within a family.

We are bearers of unquestionable and wonderful values, and yet, how are we sometimes repaid? With boredom, with nervousness, sometimes even with abandonment in scorching and desolate streets. Especially during summer. I don’t like it. It’s not fair. Oh, and thanks for inviting me. I would be very happy to come.”

A few minutes pass and the two are back.

“Hey, there! They obviously said yes. We will go to the beach under the parasol and it will be wonderful. Did you know that there are tourist facilities that can take care of our every need? So, bring your swimming costume and sun cream, they will take care of the rest. We’re so happy!”

“I don’t know how to thank you. However, how do I inform my “owners”?

They will worry when they come back and don’t find me!”

“You know what, Mario?” – Lilibeth asks very seriously – “I believe you have to teach them a lesson: people should not abandon dogs like this, even if you are leaving them in their own home. We may understand when it is necessary because of work, but not because of a whim. It’s not even the first time they’ve done it. Just think about it: today is our day, so we can do anything, don’t you agree?”

Thoughtfully, Mario starts packing his backpack, both happy and nostalgic at the same time. Then he notices a white paper by his bowl – my “owner” must have dropped it this morning -, he dips his paws in the water and starts to write. A few words, but straight to the point

“Hi, if you don’t find me home, don’t worry. I went to the sea with Lilibeth’s family. I’ll be back soon, but you must make me a promise as soon as you see me again: YOU WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE DURING SUMMER EVER AGAIN, BECAUSE EVEN IF I CAN’T BARK, I CAN SUFFER, AND MAYBE YOU HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT. I LOVE YOU, BUT I NEED YOU AND YOUR LOVE IN RETURN. ONLY THIS. I HOPE IT IS NOT TOO MUCH. YOURS SINCERELY, MARIO.”

Lilibeth’s family car is ready and her friends are waiting for him with their tongues out: door open, jump in and ready to go. Off to the beach!!!

“What a wonderful life!” all three think.