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Season 2024: 24 Apr. - 7 Oct.
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APARTMENT & VILLINO, MOBILE HOMES and HôTELLERIEfrom 24/04 to 18/052 nights
from 18/05 to 15/063 nights
from 15/06 to 27/075 nights
from 27/07 to 31/087 nights*
from 31/08 to 14/095 nights
from 14/09 to 07/102 nights
*from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday.

*in high season bookings are possible also for a min. stay of 5 nights with a supplement of 50€

*Apartment Midi and Apartment Mini can also be booked for just 1 night with price increased by 40% and extra Hôtellerie service on request (extra charge).

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Village Miniclub

Fun and animation for children and teenagers

Welcome to the Miniclub at our Holiday Village! 

The place where your children’s fun is our top priority. With a team of animators and a wide range of engaging activities, the Miniclub is the ideal place for young explorers looking for adventure, games and smiles.

Join us and discover a world of fun at the San Francesco Village in Caorle!

Mini-club, games and activities for children and teenagers

Solo nei migliori centri vacanze l’animazione per bambini non può mancare! Puoi goderti le vacanze con la certezza che i tuoi figli non si annoieranno! I nostri miniclub offrono attività coinvolgenti e divertenti per bambini e ragazzi di tutte le età.

Giochi sulla spiaggia, laboratori creativi, spettacoli e molto altro ancora in compagnia della nostra mascotte!

Mini Bizù Club


Our holiday centre offers a Miniclub run by qualified animators who will take care of the youngest children with stimulating and fun games!

Maxi Bizù Club

7-10 YEARS

Fun is guaranteed at the Maxi Club! A paradise for children who want to have fun in the company of our excellent animation staff who will organise interactive games, handicraft workshops, lots of games and activities in close contact with nature for them. 

Bizù Teeny Club

11-13 YEARS

Older children can choose from a rich programme of activities. They will have the opportunity to compete in tournaments, team games, various outdoor activities such as pool relay, frisbee beach, blind volleyball, canoe race, archery, beach volleyball and much more.

Junior Club


Lots of activities also for those who are older and want to try new experiences and meet new people. Sports courses and much more at the Junior Club!

A rich animation programme at the Miniclub 

Lightheartedness, cheerfulness and fun! Miniclub animators dedicated to the young guests of the San Francesco Village will entertain your children with games and exciting activities divided into age groups. 

Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy your holiday in Caorle!


  • Fun and engaging activities 
  • Handicraft workshops 
  • Sports and tournaments 
  • A dip in the sea or swimming pool 
  • Possibility of having lunch with friends and animators


  • Creative workshops and swimming pool games 
  • A refreshing bath


Working hours of the Miniclub* for children

Miniclub working hours: morning 9:30 -12:30 – afternoon 15:30 – 18:00 

Baby Dance schedule: varies 20:30  

*The service is free of charge. 


Ideal for teenagers who love sport


In our holiday centre with miniclub, children can dive into a world of fun, choosing from a variety of sports activities. 

Here, young guests discover a world of fun, adventure and learning.

Get ready to book a holiday full of fun, sport and friendship. 

A new project of the Miniclub – “Learning while having fun”


The new “Next generation” project of the San Francesco Village, through its “learning while having fun” approach, offers children the opportunity to experience nature, explore it and learn about it.

Through many small tasks, the children will have the opportunity to take care of a vegetable garden and the growth of its vegetables.

Because of its richness and variety, nature can become a powerful and enriching resource for sharpening children’s senses as well as a source of discovery and experience with a great positive impact on their growth and development.

bambini in riva al mare sulla spiaggia di caorle

Bizù: the mascot of our holiday centre

Hello, I am Bizù and this is my story!

Bizù, who was born and lived on a small island, is the protector of nature and the sea. One day, after a big storm, the island began to sink and Bizù had to save himself somehow. When the island was already dangerously tilted and the sea threatened to swallow it, he was helped by a mermaid who helped him build a boat, a seahorse who showed him the way and guided him and a dolphin who protected him from sea predators and kept him company.

It was on 5 June and the winds carried him to Croatia.

During that journey, Bizù had a hidden friend who helped him in the most difficult moments to get in the right direction and in the right place: we are talking about “Time”. “Time” was well aware of how much love for nature our friend had, and that is why he decided to help him. “Time” let him continue with his protective role towards nature and the sea, confident that along with that, he would also spread a world of love. Bizù arrived in the Village on 5 June, so we dedicate this day to World Environment Day.

Bizu Animazione Villaggio San Francesco

Fun and animation are the watchwords at the San Francesco Holiday Centre

Our animation team will offer all guests a customised entertainment programme, according to everyone’s taste and age group. For you, we organise games, shows, entertainment, sports, music, beach parties, tournaments, mini club, animation.