International Day of Sport

Why 6 April of all days?

The ​​International Day of Sport for Peace and Development​ was introduced by the​ UN​ in ​2013​. The choice of this date is not random, but ​in honour of the modern Olympic Games​, which were launched on 6 April 1896, thanks to the contribution of the French sports director and historian ​​Pierre de Coubertin​.

Sports and Peace

An unbreakable bond

Teamwork, loyalty, discipline, respect​ for the opponent and for the rules are just some of the values shared by Sports and Peace.

After all, only by joining forces is it possible to ​​cooperate​, to organise more civilised societies, and to ​contribute​​ to building a world based on respect and shared peace.

Sports​​, thanks to their extreme versatility, are able to promote ​​physical well-being at every level​​: whether practised individually or in a group, at a competitive or purely recreational level.

Sports represent a universal language capable of breaking down barriers and all kinds of borders.

A universal language

BiHoliday and sports

The BiHoliday Group has always mirrored these values, and strongly believes that sport is not simply a physical activity, but a true ​​vehicle for messages of accessibility, cooperation and Peace​​..

This is why the BiHoliday Group not only organises ​many sports events​​ within its villages in Italy and Croatia, but also acts as a ​frontline bearer of these values​, actively collaborating with ​various sports entities​​ through co-marketing and sponsorship activities, supporting projects involving different sports clubs of both recreational and professional levels.

BiHoliday dedicated to sports

The world of sports embraces values that go far beyond mere competition

Collaboration​, ​​sustainability​​ and ​inclusion​ are just some of the tenets that sport promotes and which represent its true essence.

These universal values have the power to ​unite people​, overcoming all barriers and prejudices.

These are precisely the values that BiHoliday, with great drive and passion, is committed to, ​​providing an environment where respect and fairness are the cornerstones​​ for those involved.

Then there is sustainability, which is the virtue that allows BiHoliday to be a ​responsible partner​​ in the communities in which it operates, and an ​​attentive supporter of the diverse sporting entities in the area​.

BiHoliday supports

Proudly, BiHoliday sponsors and supports important sporting entities such as


  • IMOCO Volley
  • VOLLEY TEAM CLUB San Donà di Piave


  • VILLORBA Rugby
  • ASD JESOLO Rugby


  • UNIVERSO Treviso Basket
  • PALLACANESTRO Castelfranco 1952

The ​collaboration​​ with these clubs is a way for BiHoliday to ​share the passion and respect shown​ by these sportspeople, and to ​​spread their values​ to everyone involved.

By supporting sports clubs in the area, BiHoliday also proves its commitment to ​supporting the well-being and growth of the community​​ where it operates.