International day of sport for development and peace

San Francesco Village: one of the best camping resorts for sports

“Sport is about seeking out fear in order to master it, fatigue in order to triumph over it, difficulty in order to overcome it.”

Pierre de Coubertin

With this famous quote from Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympic Games, we would like to honour the International Day of Sport for Peace.

Introduced by the UN in 2013, it is not by chance that this day is celebrated on 6 April, the same day on which the Modern Age Olympic Games were established in 1896 thanks to the contribution of Pierre de Coubertin himself.

Teamwork, Loyalty, Discipline, Respect for the opponent and for the rules are just some of the common values shared by Sport and Peace. After all, it is only by joining efforts that one can cooperate, organise more civilised societies and contribute to building a world based on respect and peace sharing.

Bi Holiday has always been committed to these values and strongly believes that sport is not only a physical activity but also a true vector for messages of Accessibility, Cooperation and Peace.

This is why there are numerous sporting activities in the villages of Caorle and Fazana, accessible to all ages and abilities.

There is more. For more than ten years, the Bi Holiday Group has been organising many sporting events both within its villages and by actively collaborating with the local community and administrations, thus succeeding in implementing the principles of De Coubertin according to which sport is a true amplifier of values such as team spirit, respect and peace. Especially for young people.

Especially in the current historical context.

Sport as an amplifier of values such as team spirit, respect and peace


“I have been working with the Bi Holiday group for over 5 years in the realisation of Sports Events.

It is truly satisfying and gratifying to be able to count on a Partner who strongly believes in Sport not only as a value but also as an important asset. As a matter of fact, every year we can count on more than one innovation in the field of sports in the villages, both at the structural level and in terms of anticipating new trends.

Not surprisingly, San Francesco Village received an award in 2021 from Koob Camp as part of the Certificates of Excellence for Sports Villages.”

Michael Brioschi Guinet, Glocal Creator

“Rugby is a very familiar sport. It is based on mutual help and cooperation: we help each other both on and off the field.

This is why we have been organising sports meetings and training camps at the San Francesco Village in Caorle for over three years. Here, we find the same atmosphere that we find in our team: kindness and friendliness of the staff in each area, from reception to backstage, availability and flexibility in having dedicated spaces.

Organising a sporting event in such a peaceful and helpful environment helps us and above all the children to experience sport with peace of mind, well-being, breathing a FAMILY air”.

Mirko PiccoloVillorba Rugby


San Francesco Village: one of the best camping resorts for sports

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