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Check out our village in Caorle and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto and its surroundings!

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A 5-star campsite, San Francesco Village is the ideal destination for people like you who are looking for a holiday village in Caorle with animation, swimming pools, beach, sports, entertainment e services for a carefree holiday. Our campsite is located right on the beautiful beach of Caorle, iin Veneto and on the calm Adriatic Sea, an ideal destination for a relaxing and enjoyable summer holiday.

Would you like to discover new and interesting places to visit in Caorle and in Veneto?
Here are the best destinations for a top holiday, with a complete itinerary starting right from San Francesco Village in Caorle!

The most beautiful places to visit starting from our village in Caorle

Your holiday in Caorle is waiting for you: here are some suggestions for itineraries by bike or by car, in order to visit the most interesting places starting from our Village in Caorle!

Caorle and its lagoon

The San Francesco Village Holiday Centre is located right in the heart of Caorle, in Veneto. Therefore, for your holiday in Caorle, remember to set aside half a day to visit this beautiful town!


The surrounding hinterland of Caorle

During your holiday at San Francesco Village, you can visit the surrounding hinterland of Caorle and discover the true history of Caorle and its surroundings.


Jesolo and the Venetian coast

Just a few kilometres from our Village in Caorle stands Jesolo and its coastline: a town full of life, places to visit and interesting things to discover!


Let’s go to Venice

Make your holiday at our village in Caorle unforgettable by visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Venice.


Altino, an ancient Roman city, its National Archaeological Museum, and Treviso

Make your holiday at our village in Caorle even more beautiful: add to your itinerary a visit to Altino and Treviso, two towns rich in history, culture and beautiful landscapes.


San Gaetano, Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro

What are the most beautiful places to visit starting from the San Francesco Village in Caorle? If we move a few dozen kilometres from Caorle, we will reach San Gaetano, Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro.


The abbey of Sesto al Reghena and Pordenone

If during your holiday at our village in Caorle, in addition to staying at the Village, you feel like discovering new destinations and magical places, then we also recommend the Abbey of Sesto al Reghena and Pordenone.


Palmanova: the fortified city, and Udine

If you are on holiday at our village in Caorle, a visit to the towns of Palmanova and Udine is almost mandatory! Amidst shops, food and traditions, experience these wonderful places.


Aquileia and Grado passing through Marano Lagunare

A little further away from Caorle and the San Francesco Village stand Aquileia and Grado, two towns that have always been a priceless part of Italy’s history and culture.



We end our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Caorle and its surroundings by telling you about the wonderful Trieste, one of the most important ports in Italy.


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