The Holiday Centre Villaggio San Francesco is a campsite accessible to disabled where our guests with disabilities are our special guests

We are indeed committed to offering a village without architectural barriers. If you have difficulties and you move in a wheelchair or a walker, know that here you’ll find the accommodation dedicated to you, a lift to access the pool and a spot in the first row on the beach.

On the beach, there’s a wheelchair with special wheels for a comfortable and safe transport.


Our Mission is to guarantee to each client ‘a tailored holiday’.
Our company offers over 20 years of experience in Accessible Hospitality and manages the International Quality Mark Accessible Tourism V4A®.

To design Accessible hospitality means to design a hospitality free of architectural barriers and obstacles that could limit the autonomy of our customers, but that, above all, means welcoming, efficiency, professionalism and great attention to the quality of the service offered. It means to be highly competitive in any market and enjoy a competitive advantage that allows you to stand out.