Check out our village in Caorle and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto and its surroundings!

We end our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Caorle and its surroundings by telling you about the wonderful Trieste, one of the most important ports in Italy.

One of the most important ports in Italy

Trieste is a multi-ethnic city and a meeting point for various Central European cultures; the distance from our Village is about 140 kilometres, a considerable distance but well worth the effort.

There are various means of reaching it: either by bus to the railway station in Portogruaro, where trains run frequently to the capital of Venezia Giulia, or by car. The train is very comfortable but the car allows stops in areas with idyllic views.

An idyllic view of the Coast

If you are travelling by car from Caorle, we recommend that you take the motorway at Portogruaro or Latisana and exit at the Sistiana junction to take the road known as the “Costiera” because it runs along the coast, at a certain height from the sea, and from which you can overlook the entire Gulf of Trieste: a uniquely beautiful view.

As soon as you enter the Costiera road, you should make a stop at Duino Castle, a stronghold that has been owned for over 420 years by the Della Torre family, the Della Torre di Valsassina branch (von Thurn-Hofer und Valsassina). From the walls you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea.

Continuing along the ‘Costiera’, and before entering Trieste, you will come across the Miramare Castle built in 1850 by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg. The building is in excellent condition and often becomes a film set for stories set in that period. A visit inside requires limited time.

The road continues towards the town centre along the sea and there are many bathing establishments overflowing with bathers during summer. You pass by the railway station and after a few hundred metres it would be useful to find a car park near the docks.

To the right you can see the maritime station and the Audace pier where the first ship to enter the port of Trieste moored after the end of the First World War and its annexation to Italy. On the pier, you can clearly see the bronze wind rose made from the casting of an Austrian ship sunk by the Italian Navy.

In front of it stands Piazza Unità d’Italia, one of Italy’s most beautiful squares and the pride of the Trieste community, surrounded by buildings important to the city’s history and administration.

Trieste has always held a special fascination for artists and writers, such as James Joyce and Stendhal, not to mention its local writer: Umberto Saba, who wrote a lot about his city.

There are many attractions in Trieste, which is why it is a good idea to have an illustrated guidebook, but in addition to the city square you can climb up to the Cathedral of San Giusto or linger in one of the city’s many historic cafés, such as the “Caffè degli Specchi” in Piazza Unità, or the “Caffè Tommaseo” from 1830, the oldest in Trieste.

Author: Gianni Prevarin

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